Earth Day ~ Turn off the blues….

It’s Earth Day, and what better way to spend it than in nature. After this post, I’ll turn off the computer and all electronics, and go for a walk. I want to feel the sunshine’s warm rays, smell the blossoms along the trail, and let a smile settle on my face.

If you work all day in front of a computer, play video games all the time, or have your head constantly at the phone, take some time today, EARTHDAY, to be in nature!

Have you been feeling sad, lost, tired, unmotivated? It could be that you are spending too much time plugged in to electronics. We need fresh air, daylight, sunshine and nature to thrive and lift our moods. Try taking a twenty minute walk today, unplugged from everything. Leave your phone behind! You don’t need it on a walk! If it’s your only clock, then just guess how long twenty minutes are and see if you are right when you get back.

Wishing you a happy Earth Day!

Namaste ~


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Golden Honey ~

Nature’s cure for the common cold and flu. Eases respiratory diseases, hypertension, hemophilia and high blood pressure. 

Turmeric Golden Honey – The Strongest Natural Antibiotic

DIY Screen Door

Find a piece of breathable fabric that you like. (I used a mesh fabric with patterns on it.)

Measure and cut the fabric to the shape of the door or window you are covering.

Staple the top of the fabric onto the outside of the door/window frame.

Once it’s stapled, cut a piece of nice looking wood to the size of the door/window frame and nail it onto the stapled area at the top of your fabric.

Et voilá!……The rest of the fabric is free to walk through or blow in the breeze!


Colorful Sauerkraut!

Recipe for raw Sauerkraut:
1 head of organic green cabbage
1 head of organic red cabbage
2 tablespoons of grey sea salt per head of cabbage (or other sea salt)
Chop the cabbage finely, add salt and stir, let stand for an hour or two until the juice starts to come out of the cabbage, and then put it into a large air tight jar.

Push the cabbage down so that the cabbage is covered in the juice that has been seeping out from the salting. Seal with a lid and leave on the counter with a cloth over it (to keep dark)  for two weeks.

Et Voilá, you’ve got yourself some delicious pro-biotic sauerkraut.

Just a couple of spoonfuls a day will keep your gut healthy and happy! This will improve your mood, metabolism, acne and health in general.



Aloe Vera Juice & Alcohol Consumption!

If you’re wondering how you can help your body adjust to alcohol when you drink it, try Aloe Vera Juice before going to bed. It will give your organs the chance to alkalize the acidity of the alcohol while you sleep!

Half a cup should do it! More if you’ve been a bit hard on the ol’ beverages.

You can’t go wrong with Aloe Vera Juice (inner fillet). Whether you drink or not, it is always a treat for your organs. Give it a try every night for a month and see how you feel!


House Calls Anyone?

Are you old enough to remember the days when your doctor would come over to your house? House calls were a given in country villages all over Europe. Close connection to your doctor and midwife is potent medicine in itself.

An Ayurvedic Practitioner, just like a doctor in those golden days, will ask to see your tongue and read your pulse. They will study the texture, temperature and color of your skin, too. As a Practitioner, I’d like to know you personally to delve deeper into understanding your constitution and what is beneficial to your good health.

I am available to come to your home and organize your kitchen with you according to your constitution.

I can teach you how to make Ayurvedic staples, such as Ghee and Kitchari, and smoothies appropriate for your constitution.

I’ll share favorite recipes and ancient methods of lifestyle, and leave you feeling like you have a grasp on how to change your diet, your health and your life through these nutritional and lifestyle suggestions.

Please pass this on to family and friends who may need this service! I can travel anywhere – well just about anywhere!

In appreciation ~ 🙂

Susan Melina
call or email for rates in $US
California – USA
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Fresh Start SMOOTHIE

Today’s smoothie recipe for those that want an adaptogenic, hydrating, cooling, enriching and bowel moving start to the day! (Enough to share)

10 large Strawberries

Quarter of a cup of Aloe Vera Juice (inner fillet)

1.5 cups unsweetened Almond Milk

1 cup unsweetened Apple Juice

1 tablespoon of Costa Rican Raw Cacao Nibs

1 teaspoon of fresh local Bee Pollen

1 tablespoonful of organic Maca powder

1 teaspoonful of Ashwaganda powder

Quarter of a cup of Chia soaked water (1 teaspoon of soaked Chia seed in 4 cups water)

6 small leaves of Kale

Garnish with a touch of Turmeric and Cinnamon!

These smoothies will give you greater energy, less hunger and feelings of well being throughout the day.

NOTE: The local bee pollen will help reduce allergies if taken on a daily basis throughout the season.