Flat feet?

If you suffer from flat feet, you know how painful it can be to wear shoes that aren’t giving you the support you need.

How about strengthening those arches, though, and being pain free instead?

As a young girl I had flat feet. Every morning before school started, our house matron (I went to boarding school) would gather the girls with flat feet and make us exercise!

The exercise was simple. We would go up on our tip toes and back down, up and down, up and down. Then roll onto the heel and back, roll and back, scrunch the toes and lengthen, scrunch and lengthen. Finally, roll onto the sides and back, sides and back……. for about ten minutes!

If you have a child with flat feet, start them early with these exercises and they will not suffer later in life. You can also use a tennis ball to roll in the arch.

It worked for me!


I invite whoever reads this to join me in meditation once a day. Just try it! Start with 5 minutes, then 10, 15, and 30! You’ll be surprised how differently you’ll be able to handle stress and obstacles that come your way.

It’s been one of the healthiest choices I’ve made in my life. Many years ago, I was given a mantra – ‘the ode to Ganesh’ – Om Gam Ganapataiye Namo Ha, by a friend who made me repeat it over and over again until he was sure I would recite the words correctly and get the help of Ganesh to remove the obstacles that were in my way…… It worked. For almost a year I used this mantra exclusively. I went on to learn more and more mantras that have served me well over the years. I am able to ‘drop in’ to the relaxed state of meditation anywhere and anytime as it becomes second nature when one meditates often.

Learn to meditate and you will free your mind – I promise!

How to meditate:

Sit down in a comfortable position in a quiet place

Close your eyes

Breathe long slow deep breaths

Concentrate on your breath

Let thoughts come…… and go…….

Don’t try to stop the thoughts; let them enter your mind; look at them; let them go

Keep bringing your attention back to the breath. Listen to your breath.

If you have learnt a mantra, repeat it over and over and over and over! If you have Mala beads, move each bead along the string over and over again from beginning to end and back again.

That’s it!

Soon you will no longer have random thoughts entering your mind. The ‘monkey mind’ will simmer down and be calm, welcoming the stillness of meditation. If you find yourself shifting about and feeling uncomfortable, be patient, that too shall pass. The stress in your life will drop away and things that seemed daunting will no longer bother you -:)

ps. I make custom Mala beads to order with semi precious stones. Let me know if you’d like a strand for your new meditation practice!