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Empathy on an Apocalyptic kind of day ~


“I saw a beautiful red squirrel get hit by a car today. I quickly parked and ran back to help him but he couldn’t get up and there was blood coming out of his nose. He died as I told his mate, who was watching and squawking from the sidewalk, how sorry I was. His perfect little body quietly surrendered to passing as I cried.
It’s as if his sacrifice has allowed me to just let my strength collapse for a moment and grieve for what is happening around me……I wanted to move his precious little body to the side of the road, but I didn’t. I was frozen. Everything in this moment was so raw, as I know we all are on the West Coast of North America today.
Let my tears turn to rain and quench my desert home that it’s fast becoming…..”

Sometimes we just need to surrender to the overwhelming emotions that arise at unexpected times. Holding back and fighting them down can lead to undigested fear, sadness, anger and a plethora of other unhealthy emotions that can turn to dis-ease in the body.

If you are an empath you ‘feel’ with others, whether they be human or animal. Finding time to ground those emotions out through a few minutes of meditation can keep you healthy and protect you in the future.

Try this 15 minute meditation session if you are having trouble releasing unwanted emotions:


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