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Colorful Sauerkraut!

Recipe for raw Sauerkraut:
1 head of organic green cabbage
1 head of organic red cabbage
2 tablespoons of grey sea salt per head of cabbage (or other sea salt)
Chop the cabbage finely, add salt and stir, let stand for an hour or two until the juice starts to come out of the cabbage, and then put it into a large air tight jar.

Push the cabbage down so that the cabbage is covered in the juice that has been seeping out from the salting. Seal with a lid and leave on the counter with a cloth over it (to keep dark)  for two weeks.

Et Voilá, you’ve got yourself some delicious pro-biotic sauerkraut.

Just a couple of spoonfuls a day will keep your gut healthy and happy! This will improve your mood, metabolism, acne and health in general.

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